7 Spring Activities You Can Do With Your Kids


spring bucket list daughter picking flowers and giving to mom
Spring has arrived! In honor of today being the first day of Spring, I thought I would share some of my favorite spring activities to do with your kids! Most of these can be done with things you have around the house, or may cost you a couple bucks. Tell me in the comments which one you will be doing first?

1. Have a picnic outside:

mom and son having a picnic outside
There is something about sitting outside, listening to the birds chirping while the smell of flowers drifts past you in the breeze. I love to break up the normal routine with a lunch or snack time picnic.  I have the boys help me with this by making a list of what all we need, helping me make lunch or the snack, and a quick scavenger hunt through the house for blankets, pillows, a bag, and anything else we may need on our picnic. You can set this up in your own yard, or take it to the park! 

2. Plant a garden:
You don't have to have a huge yard to start a garden, you can do this in containers by a sunny window or in a small patch of yard. You can also make this as simple as purchasing a potted plant and watering it each day. This activity is great for little ones who are ready for the responsibility of taking care of something each day. Watch their excitement as the plants begin to grow and change!

3. Pick flowers:

daughter picking flowers and giving to momFlowers come in all verities-- big, small, on the ground and in trees! Pair this with a game of hunting for specific colored flowers, or asking what letter does tulips start with? You can use the flowers for an arrangement on the kitchen table or for painting (see 4.)
TIP! Save the flowers! I still have flowers that the boys picked for me when they were little. I pressed them in the pages of their memory books. 

4. Paint with flowers:
Grab some paint, cardstock and the flowers you picked! Use the flowers as paintbrushes and create a spring time masterpiece!

flower painting craft

5. Make a DIY birdfeeder:
There are so many ways you can create a birdfeeder at home with things you already have, such as old milk jug, popsicle sticks, or even pine cones in the yard. Hang it up and watch all the different birds come visit. My kids loved giving them nicknames and looking for them every day.

plastic milk jug bird feeder

6. Paint rocks:
Before you can paint rocks, you need rocks! You can find rocks in your yard, in the woods, on a walk, or buy some online. There are also some great DIY kits out there. You can spread out an old blanket and paint outside in the sun, or at the kitchen table. Add joy to someone's day by planting them around your neighborhood!

kid painting rocks

7. Go for a family walk:
You can have so many adventures on a family walk! We have a little pond that's about a half mile away from our house. We would walk down, take crackers or old bread down and feed the ducks. You can play I spy, have races, or hide your painted rocks on your walk.family walking on bridge

Which one will you be doing first this spring?

spring time bucket list


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