About Lillie Dimple

I’m the driving force behind Lillie Dimple. I married my high school sweetheart (so cliche, I know) and we have 2 boys who are my whole.entire.world. We live in a sleepy little town in central North Carolina. I love the beach, football, and true crime TV.

Lillie Dimple was started at my kitchen table in the fall of 2018 with the intention of making myself a shirt for my son's football game. Over time it has quickly grown and in June 2020, I left my corporate job with a corner office and took a huge leap of faith (during a global pandemic I might add!) to begin my journey as a full time entrepreneur. I switched out that nice and cozy office for the "t shirt room." which is a spare room in our house.

Lillie Dimple pays homage to my grandma, Dimple Lillian, who, at the age of 60, took me and my little brother in when I was 2 years old and raised us. She was a small and feisty, but gentle woman who I remember spent her evenings sewing my Easter dresses. She taught me how to read at the kitchen table while she peeled potatoes or snapped green beans. I was given her middle name and promised I would pass it on to a child of my own one day. As a mom of 2 boys, we didn't think Lillian fit either one of them (😉), so I kept my promise by naming my business after her.

All of the shirts in my shop are made to order. This means when your order comes in, me or my husband find your shirt color and size you ordered, and then we print the design on your shirt.

I want you to be absolutely happy with your shirt and your experience with Lillie Dimple. In the rare event that you are unhappy, please give me a chance to address and resolve your concerns by sending me an email to hello@lilliedimple.com

Thank you for supporting this small mama ran business - I hope you love your new shirts!

Get to know more about my all-time favorites, whether that be food, TV shows and other activities that light my heart up!
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